Combo Sales, a reliable partner in purchasing equipment.


Combo Sales is a RDW recognized company.

A reliable address is important when doing large investments. We advise you in the proces of purchasing equipment. Also if a purchase might be less sensible.

Our Strenght

Thanks to our partners is a quick checkout guaranteed.

Thanks to our partner companies, we can Repair your Equipment and quickly. This allows you as soon as possible to be on the way with your new truck or trailer.

Almost 25 Years of experience

Within the several Combo companies almost 50 personel is employed. Through the synergy of the companies involved, we can serve you as a customer in the most effective way.

We are “the specialist” in the area of Intermodal Equipment. You can contact our company to help you with the following:

Container repair and all assiciated works, Truck and Trailer Service (TUV), Inspection, Manitenance and repair of Railway Carriages, Buying and selling of Trucks and Trailers and also we have our own transport company Interbulk. In this way ensuring the optimal result for you as a customer.

In August 2015 we will ad the company Combo Cleaning BV tot his range. Combo Cleaning BV is a fully equiped modern cleaning facility for Bulk and Trialers in the food Industry. Also there will be a possibility to fill CO2.

Our Services